Index by Subject Author Title Issue Date
Abortion Gleeson,Gerald Reviewinga debate over abortion 3. 1 Mar-92
McCabe,Helen Defiant birth: women who resist medical eugenics: a review 18. 1 Mar-07
Addiction Matthews,SteveMatthew,Steve Addiction,narrative and identityAddictionas Habit 26.326.1 Sept-15Mar-15
AdvanceDirectives Sulmasy,Daniel Advancedirectives and forgoing extraordinary treatment 19. 2 Jun-08
Tobin,Bernadette Moretalk, less paper! 19. 3 Sep-08
Tobin,BernadetteTobin,Bernadette Futurecare planning?I justneed to be able to talk to someone I know the patient trusted? 17. 425.2 Dec-06Jun-14
AffordableCare Tobin,Bernadette How didpatients become ?consumers? 25.4 Dec-14
ArtificialInsemination and Surrogacy Tobin,Bernadette Donor-conceivedpeople: Are they entitled to identifying information about their biologicalparents? 24.1 Mar-13
AssistedSuicide Gleeson,Gerald What'swrong with assisted suicide? 4. 2 Jun-93
McCabe,Helen Brennan,Frank Death talk: a review Do wehave the right to assisted suicide? 16. 4 25.4 Dec-05 Dec-14
Bioethics Brennan,Frank BioethicsCommittee, SVH Canadaopens the door to Physician Assisted Suicide Considerationsfor policy guidelines regarding the performance of bariatric surgery 26.2 21. 3 Jun-15 Sep-10
Fisher,Anthony ThomasWalter Joseph Ryan - celebration of a life 8. 2 Jun-97
Fisher,Anthony Rethinkingprinciplism: Is bioethics an American plot? 21.2 Jun-10
Joseph,Keith FinancingAustralian health care: some proposals for reform 5. 1 Mar-94
Joseph,Keith Healthoutcomes: the right thing for NSW? 5. 3 Sep-94
Kelly,Martin "Trustme, I'm a doctor." 7. 1 Mar-96
Steele,Peter SJ Onbeing a good doctor 20. 4 Dec-09
Tobin,Bernadette Intensivebioethics at Georgetown University 2. 1 Dec-91
Tobin,Bernadette Healthcare: career, profession, vocation? 11. 2 Jun-00
Tobin,Bernadette How are we best to care for, to respect and toprotect thecognitively-impaired?A review 21. 1 Mar-10
Gillis,Jonathan and Tobin, Bernadette Howcertain are you, doctor? 22. 1 Mar-11
Sullivan,William F. and Heng, John Caringfor, and giving hope to, persons with progressive cognitive impairments 22. 2 Jun-11
Buckle,Stephen Bioethics as dispute resolution: a review 16. 1 Mar-05
Byrne,Mary Life and death in healthcare ethics: a review 12. 1 Mar-01
Gleeson,Gerald Clinical-ethicaljudgements without "short cuts" 15. 3 Sep-04
Gleeson,Gerald On thevery idea of 'Catholic bioethics' 3. 2 Jun-92
Gleeson,Gerald Towardsa joint centre 2. 1 Dec-91
Joseph,Keith Bioethics:trends in Canada, part I 6. 2 Jun-95
Joseph,Keith Bioethics:trends in Canada, part II 6. 2 Sep-95
Langsford,David Illness,ageing and bioethics 17. 4 Dec-06
Rigby,Chris Sulmasy,Daniel Isbioethics useful?The?truly seminal? work of Edmund Pellegrino: a synthesis by Daniel Sulmasy 2. 1 26.3 Dec-91 Sept-15
BrainDeath Tonti-Filippini,Nicholas Integrationand Death by the Brain Criterion 25.1 Mar-14
Capital Punishment Tobin,Bernadette Catholicismand Capital Punishment 26.2 Jun-15
Care ofthe Dying Patient IACB The useof sedatives in the care of persons who are seriously ill or dying: Ethicaldistinctions and practical recommendations 24.2 Jun-13
CharlieHebdo Gleeson,Gerald Whatdoes Je suis Charlie mean? 26.1 Mar-15
Codeand Guidelines Gleeson,Gerald Howguidelines may help resolve some "hard cases" 9. 4 Dec-98
IACB Globalizationand the culture of life: consensus statement 15. 2 Jun-04
Joseph,Keith Codesof ethics 6. 4 Dec-95
Tobin,Bernadette Society,the law and health care: a review 4. 3 Sep-93
Gleeson,Gerald Tobin,Bernadette Sustaininglife in a world of limits - the role of catholic ethical standards Valuableadditions to the code: CHA publishes Supplementary Papers 12. 2 27.1 Jun-01 Mar-16
Conceptof Mental Health Matthews,Steve andKennett,Jeanette Seeingthe Self: the moral goals of service provision inTheMental Health Sector 23.2 Jun-12
Confidentiality/Privacy Fisher,Anthony Oldparadigms and new dilemmas in medical confidentiality 10. 1 Mar-99
Conflictsof interest Thompson,Colin Clarifyingconflict of interests 20. 2 Jun-09
Cooperation Gleeson,Gerald Cooperationwithout complicity 17. 2 Jun-06
Gleeson,Gerald Involvementwithout complicity: possibilities for "material" cooperation 6. 4 Dec-95
Deathand Dying Buckle,Stephen Philosophicalassumptions in the euthanasia debate: a review of The Right to Die? 14. 2 Jun-03
Byrne,Mary Ethicalissues in health care near the end of life 13. 3 Sep-02
Dubler,Nancy Tell meabout Mama! 19. 4 Dec-08
PlunkettCentre for Ethics Responsibilityto those who are dying 12. 1 Mar-01
Tobin,Bernadette Withdrawingnutrition and hydration 4. 3 Sep-93
BioethicsCommittee, SVH Ethicalguidelines for withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment 9. 4 Dec-98
Gillis,Jonathan "Wewant everything done." 19. 1 Mar-08
Gleeson,Gerald Justwhat are we doing? Our obligations to comatose patients 3. 3 Sep-92
Gleeson,Gerald Thewithdrawing of life-sustaining treatment. Ethics and Law: principles andpractice 14. 2 Jun-03
JohnPaul IIParis,John J Life-sustainingtreatment and the vegetative stateTheHour of our death: Contemporary approaches to end-of-life care 15. 327.2 Sep-04Jun-16
Sulmasy,Daniel End-of-lifecare revisited 18. 2 Jun-07
Tobin,Bernadette "Dyingwith dignity": the new Guidelines 4. 2 Jun-93
Tobin,Bernadette Forgoinglife-sustaining treatment and directly inducing death 5. 1 Mar-94
Tobin,TK QC Forgoinglife-sustaining treatment: the civil and criminal law 4. 2 Jun-93
McGee,Andrew There?sno good argument for infanticide 23.2 Jun-12
Tobin,Bernadette We needto talk about death 23.2 Jun-12
Lee,Patrick and Grisez Germain TotalBrain Death : Valid Criterion of Death 24.3 Sept-13
Tobin,Bernadette Care ofthe dying patient : lessons from an English approach 24.4 Dec-13
Kenny, Nuala Rediscovering the Art of Dying 28.3 Sep-17
Determinationof Death Paris,John J Gleeson,Gerald TheHour of our Death: Contemporary approaches to end of life care Care ofthe terminally ill: on the difference between prohibitions and obligations 27.2 3. 4 Jun-16 Dec-92
Tobin,Bernadette Amissed opportunity: new guidelines avoid the central issue 16. 1 Mar-05
Tonti-Filippini,Nicholas Diagnosisof death by the brain function criterion: a case for ancillary testing 11. 1 Mar-00
Dignitytherapy Tobin,Bernadette It maybe okay in practice but will it work in theory? Dignity therapy in palliativecare 21. 3 Sep-10
Disability IACB Consensusstatement on dignity in illness, disability and dying 17. 1 Mar-06
Elderlyand Health Care Tobin, Bernadette On ourobligations to the dependent elderly: a review 4. 1 Mar-93
EthicalManagement Tobin,Bernadette Anticipateand Communicate ? Presidential Commission?s advice 25.3 Sept-14
Ethics Quilter,John G CommonSense Ethics. Do theories clarify or distort our ethical outlook? 27.3 Sept-16
EthicsCommittees/Consultation Kelly,Martin Criticismsof institutional ethics committees 5. 4 Dec-94
Eugenics Joseph,Keith There-emergency of eugenics 7. 3 Sep-96
Euthanasia Fisher,AnthonyFisher,AnthonyGleeson,Gerald Givethe ill help to die well ? not lethal dosesNo needfor a licence to KillEuthanasia- clarifying the issues: the refusal of life-prolonging treatment 25.427.47. 2 Dec-14Dec-16Jun-96
Gleeson,Gerald Theeuthanasia debate - taking stock 8. 1 Mar-97
Gleeson,Gerald Whyvoluntary euthanasia should not be legalised 6. 3 Sep-95
Keenan,James SJ Kelly,Paul Euthanasia:ethical, political and legal developments in the USA and AustraliaLegaliseeuthanasia, and compassionate society dies too 10. 2 27.4 Jun-99 Dec-16
Murray,Andrew Euthanasia:a parasitic question 8. 3 Sep-97
Murray,Andrew Tobin,Bernadette Protectingchoice - against the legalisation of euthanasia Australiamoves closer to legalizing ?euthanasia? 9. 2 27.4 Jun-98 Dec-16
Tobin,Bernadette Euthanasiabill puts vulnerable people at risk 6. 1 Mar-95
Tobin,Bernadette Issuesin the euthanasia debate 3. 1 Mar-92
Tobin,Bernadette Suicide,euthanasia and "quality of life" considerations 6. 3 Sep-95
Tobin,Bernadette USCourt rules physician-assisted suicide unconstitutional 8. 2 Jun-97
Tobin,Bernadette Them and us: a view on euthanasia and suicide:a booknote 2. 1 Dec-91
Tobin,Bernadette ?Ifnobody wants you at the party, why should you stay? Recent developments inthe debate about euthanasia and public policy 23.4 Dec-12
Tobin,Bernadette ?Voluntary?euthanasia: why it will be a way station 26.4 Dec-15
Tobin,Bernadette Thelogical consequence of a fetishizing of choice(review of Caplan, Lemmens and Lemmens article ) 27.4 Dec-16
Byrne, Brendan Render to Caesar 28.4 Dec-17
Kenny, Nuala "Medically Assisted Death" Lessons from Canada 28.3 Sep-17
Genetics Buckle,Stephen Philosophicalissues in the new genetics. A review ofGenes:a philosophical inquiry 14. 4 Dec-03
Fisher,Anthony Ethicalissues in genetic screening 8. 4 Dec-97
Joseph,Keith Ethicalaspects of human genetic engineering 8. 4 Dec-97
Joseph,Keith Genetics:the ethical questions 7. 2 Jun-96
Joseph,Keith Ourgenetic future 8. 3 Sep-97
Kitahara-Frisch,Jean Geneticscreening: a view from Japan 8. 3 Sep-97
Langsford,David Anxietyabout perfection 18. 4 Dec-07
McNeill,Paul Philosophicalassumptions implicit in the science of the human genome project 8. 3 Sep-97
Self,Mary Populationscreening: some ethical issues 11. 4 Dec-00
Tobin,Bernadette Ourgenetic future 18. 1 Mar-07
Tobin,Bernadette Theethical evaluation of genetic modifications to human beings 8. 1 Mar-97
Tobin, Bernadette Shouldhuman genes be patentable? Some ethical issues at stake in recent andforthcoming court decisions 24.1 Mar-13
HealthCare AlexMiller Thelast Sister of Charity 22. 3 Sep-11
Matthews,Steve & Kennett, Jeanette & Snoek, Anke Are addictedpersons motivated by pleasure 24.3 Sept-13
Fisher,Anthony Healthcarerationing in Australia: Should the young be favoured over the elderly? 24.4 Dec-13
HealthPromotion Kennedy,Judith and Quilter, John Healthpromotion: promises and pitfalls 7.3 Sep-96
History Davis,Susanna Profileon Father Tom Connolly 1. 1 Jun-90
Tobin,Bernadette JohnHubert Plunkett 3. 2 Jun-92
Chisholm,Don It?s inthe blood ? Professor Don Chisholm reflects on his career in endocrinologyand diabetes care 23.3 Sept-12
HIVInfection and AIDS Quilter,John MainstreamingHIV+ patients: do health care workers face unreasonable risks? 3. 4 Dec-92
Quilter,John MainstreamingHIV+ patients: is a universal body substance precaution impractical? 4. 1 Mar-93
Rigby, Chris Ethicalissues in the care and treatment of people with AIDS 1. 1 Jun-90
Identifyinghuman dignity Lebech,Mette On theproblem of human dignity 21. 4 Dec-10
InformedConsent Quilter,John Informedconsent and the doctor's dilemma 4. 3 Sep-93
Tobin,Bernadette Theduty to inform and advise patients 4. 1 Mar-93
Byrne,Mary Consentto the medical treatment of older children: ethical issues 11. 3 Sep-00
Law Crennan,Susan Truth,justice, understanding: a reflection 23.4 Dec-12
ManagedCare McCabe,Helen Theethical implications of managed care: a matter of context 11. 3 Sep-00
McCabe,Helen Who owns our health?A review 18. 4 Dec-07
Byrne,Mary Managedcare 9. 3 Sep-98
Joseph,Keith TheAmerican experience of managed care 9. 3 Sep-98
Madden,Peter Someinstruments used in managed care: quality of life indicators 9. 3 Sep-98
McCabe,Helen Principlesfor assessing the ethics of "managed care" arrangements 11. 4 Dec-00
McCabe,Helen Rationing sanity:a review 17. 3 Sep-06
Medicalerror O'Rourke,Kevin Medicalerror: some ethical concerns 16. 1 Mar-05
Memory Matthew,Steve Rememberingmyself 27.1 Mar-16
Newbornsand Minors TheAustralian Medicalpriorities 20. 4 Dec-09
Quilter,John Ethicalissues in post-natal testing 9. 2 Jun-98
Tobin,Bernadette Medicalpriorities 20. 4 Dec-09
Nursing Chiarella,Mary Collegialityin nursing 4. 1 Mar-93
Quilter,John Nursingethics: a new challenge 3. 2 Jun-92
Nutritionand Hydration CCBI Reflectionson artificial nutrition and hydration 15. 3 Sep-04
OrganDonation & Transplantation Byrne,Mary Increasingthe rates of organ donation 11. 1 Mar-00
Frew,Deborah Reviewof human tissue act 1983: organ and tissue donation 11. 1 Mar-00
Raper,Ray Theimpact on intensive care of proposed changes to human tissue act 11. 1 Mar-00
Webb,Sandra Legislationof assisted reproduction: benefits and limitations 9. 1 Mar-98
Kelly,Martin "Opting-out"vs "Hot-pursuit": organ donation on the family 7. 2 Jun-96
Gleeson,Gerald Organ transplantationfrom living donors 11. 1 Mar-00
McKelvie,Helen and Cordner, Stephen Involvingnext-of-kin in decisions about research use of human tissue 11. 1 Mar-00
O'Neill,Robert Communicationbetween transplant recipients and families of organ donors 11. 1 Mar-00
Tobin,Bernadette Donationafter cardiac death: ethical challenges in a "new" pathway todonation 19. 1 Mar-08
PalliativeCare Brennan,Frank Bringon the Angels ? HL Mencken, Death and Palliative Care 25.2 Jun-14
Gillis,Jonathan and Rennick, Janet Affirmingparental love in the pediatric intensive care unit 23.4 Dec-12
Persons,'sanctity' and 'quality' Gleeson,Gerald Nature,persons and bodies 20. 2 Jun-09
Quilter,John "Sanctity"and "quality": where is the conflict? 11. 2 Jun-00
Quilter,John Thebabies doe: sanctity or quality of life? 3.3 Sep-92
Woolcock,Peter Qualityof life and the limitation of life-sustaining treatment 1. 1 Jun-90
Pharmaceuticalindustry McCabe,Helen Payingattention to the pharmaceutical industry 18. 2 Jun-07
PhilosophicalEthics Brennan,Gerard A voteof thanks to James Keenan 10. 2 Jun-99
Buckle,Stephen PeterSinger's ethics 12. 3 Sep-01
Buckle,Stephen UnderstandingUtilitarianism 16. 3 Sep-05
Byrne,Mary Morality,law and public policy 13. 4 Dec-02
Coady,Tony Themorality of lying 4. 3 Sep-93
Dwyer,Brian "Inmy prayers I asked outright for wisdom" 6. 3 Sep-95
Dwyer,Brian "Inmy prayers I asked outright for wisdom" (reprint) 17. 3 Sep-06
Gaita, Raimond On theidea of a common humanity 15. 1 Mar-04
Gleeson,Gerald "Intrinsic"evil - Why it matters 5. 2 Jun-94
Gleeson,Gerald "Themorality of lying": a response 4. 3 Sep-93
Gleeson,Gerald Justwhat is "intrinsic evil"? 5. 1 Mar-94
Gleeson,Gerald Thewisdom of cases and the logic of principles 4. 4 Dec-93
Hepburn,Elizabeth, Arethere gender-based differences in moral decision making? 3. 1 Mar-92
Joseph,Keith Postscript:morality and the law 9. 2 Jun-98
Lindsay,Chris Rightor wrong, it's a matter of ethics 14. 1 Mar-03
Manne,Robert Absenceof care 14. 4 Dec-03
McCabe,Helen Whathas indigenous health got to do with reconciliation? 19. 3 Sep-08
McCabe,Helen Sciencewith humanity 16. 2 Jun-05
Quilter,John Communicativeethics 4. 4 Dec-93
Quilter,John Ethics and human nature:a review 3. 1 Mar-92
Quilter,John The"stranger" across our borders 17. 2 Jun-06
Quilter,John Morality:life's meaning and human equality 7. 1 Mar-96
Reich,Warren Consolingthe troubled: an ancient art of kindness 20. 1 Mar-09
Reich,Warren Providingpublic care: the role of sympathetic concern 14. 3 Sep-03
Tobin,Bernadette Doingthe ethics of mission 19. 1 Mar-08
Tobin,Bernadette Exploringlife, self, others: some preliminary questions 16. 4 Dec-05
SimonLongstaff Shouldwe teach ethics to children? A reply to Gerald Gleeson 22. 1 Mar-11
GeraldGleeson Whychildren should not study ethics. A reply to Simon Longstaff 22. 2 Jun-11
SimonLongstaff Shouldwe teach ethics to children? A further response to Gerald Gleeson 22. 3 Sep-11
Gaita,Raimond Somequestions for Peter Singer's admirers 6. 4 Mar-97
Tobin,Bernadette Advancingthe field of clinical ethics: particularly and practicality 14. 1 Mar-03
Buckle,Stephen AssessingPeter Singer?s Argument for Utilitarianism: Drawing a Lesson from Rousseauand Kant 23.1 Mar-12
Hart,Kevin Ongentleness 24.1 Mar-13
Post-ComaUnresponsiveness Fisher,Anthony Carefor those with post-coma unresponsiveness and related conditions 16. 2 Jun-05
Tobin,Bernadette Post-comaunresponsiveness: NHMRC issues a clinical framework for diagnosis 15. 3 Sep-04
Psychiatricethics ElaineWallace and John Quilter Autonomyin the debate concerning the care of mentally ill people 7. 4 Dec-96
Harris,Myree Theplight of former patients of psychiatric hospitals in New South Wales 8. 2 Jun-97
Quilter,John TheMcKay report on optimum utilisation of the psychiatric workforce 7. 4 Dec-96
Regenerativemedicine IACB Statementon regenerative medicine and stem cell research 21. 1 Mar-10
ReligiousEthics Gleeson,Gerald Ethicsand bioethics the Catholic tradition 13. 2 Jun-02
Gleeson,Gerald US Catholicbishops revise health care directives 6. 1 Mar-95
Tobin,Bernadette Issuesfor a Catholic bioethic: a review 10. 4 Dec-99
Tobin,Bernadette Thebeginning of life: ethics and bioethics in the catholic tradition 13. 2 Jun-02
ReproductiveTechnologies Buckle,Stephen Attackof the cloners: a review ofThe scienceand ethics of cloning 15. 2 Jun-04
Byrne,Mary Surrogacy:some ethical issues 9. 1 Mar-98
Gleeson,Gerald Ethicalissues in reproductive technology: some Catholic insights 9. 4 Dec-98
Gleeson,Gerald Newethical guidelines for reproductive technology 14. 1 Mar-03
Kitahara-Frisch,Jean Assistedreproductive technology and eugenics 10. 4 Dec-99
Kitahara-Frisch,Jean Asecond comment on cloning human beings 8. 2 Jun-97
Kitahara-Frisch,Jean Thechildren born from cloning 9. 2 Jun-98
Quilter,John IVF: Its moral evaluation:a review 2. 1 Dec-91
Tobin,Bernadette Deliberatelycloning human beings: on the significance of even contemplating it! 8. 1 Mar-97
Tobin,Bernadette AHECissues new guidelines on reproductive technologies 7. 4 Dec-96
Tobin,Bernadette Reproductivetechnologies: a proposal to legislate in New South Wales 9. 1 Mar-98
Wallace,Elaine Ondeliberately cloning human beings 8. 2 Jun-97
Hepburn,Elizabeth, Gift oflife: some Catholic responses 2. 1 Dec-91
Researchethics Byrne,Mary Accessto health care through research? 13. 1 Mar-02
Gleeson,Gerald Ethicalguidelines from the NHMRC: an update 7. 3 Sep-96
Joseph,Keith Doinstitutional committees sufficiently protect the human subjects of research?The case of RU486 5. 4 Dec-94
Quilter,John Doinstitutional committees sufficiently protect the human subjects of research? 5. 4 Dec-94
WorldMedical Association Declarationof Helsinki (2000) 13. 1 Mar-02
ResourceAllocation Gleeson,Gerald A case studyon resource allocation 5. 3 Sep-94
Hogan,Bridget Justicein the allocation of health care resources: the debate about criteria 18. 3 Sep-07
Joseph,Keith Casestudy: resource allocation at the international level 5. 3 Sep-94
Joseph,Keith Healthcare resources: a history of the debate 4. 4 Dec-93
Leathley,Colleen Australianhospital services: access and financing 3. 1 Mar-92
McCabe,Helen Healthcareallocation: an ethical framework for public policy: a review 13. 3 Sep-02
Quilter,John Casestudy on resource allocation: a commentary 5. 3 Sep-94
Tobin,Bernadette Theprinciple of justice: a bioethical perspective 12. 4 Dec-01
Tobin,Bernadette Justiceand health care 3. 4 Dec-92
Tobin,Bernadette Rationingaccess to health care: the Oregon way 3. 3 Sep-92
Pope Francis Accompanying Life: New Responsibilites in the Technological Era
Respectfor Autonomy Brennan,Frank, SJ How dowe honour the patient's autonomy and the doctor's conscience? 20. 3 Sep-09
Charlesworth,Max Personalautonomy - a reply to Bernadette Tobin 5. 4 Dec-94
Gleeson,Gerald The"right' to refuse treatment: autonomy vs responsibility 6. 2 Jun-95
Quilter,John Professional- patient relationships and self-determination 5. 4 Dec-94
Tobin,Bernadette Respectfor personal autonomy: is it the supreme value? 5. 3 Sep-94
Right toRefuse Treatment Tobin,Bernadette AdvanceCare Planning: purpose, instruments, use and misuse 23.3 Sept-12
Shouldwe teach ethics to children? Gleeson,Gerald Whychildren should not study ethics 21.4 Dec-10
StemCell Research Tobin,Bernadette Submissionto Lockhart Inquiry 16. 3 Sep-05
Tobin,B and Gleeson, Gerald Theembryo stem cell debate 13. 4 Dec-02
StemCells and regenerative medicine Sullivan,William Regenerativemedicine and stem cell research 21.1 Mar-10
SubstanceAbusers Clifton,Tina Why weaccepted this challenge to trial an injecting room 10. 3 Sep-99
Fisher,Anthony Whysome people are uneasy about injecting rooms 10. 3 Sep-99
Tobin,Bernadette Supervisedinjecting rooms: introduction to a symposium 10. 3 Sep-99
Wodak,Alex Whytrial a supervised injecting room? 10. 3 Sep-99
Gleeson,Gerald Anethical reflection on a medically supervised injecting room 10. 3 Sep-99
Gleeson,Gerald StVincent's withdraws from supervised injecting room 10. 4 Dec-99
Suffering Niewkamp,Gary Pathographies:Suffering and the patient?s perspectiveAutonomyand Ethical Treatment in Depression 26.4 Dec-16
Surrogacy Tonti-Filippini,Nicholas TheContradictions of Baby Gammy: Disability, Discrimination and the true cost ofSurrogacy 25.3 Sept-15
Tonti-Filippini,Nicholas Campbell,RaymondPaulBiegler Eulogy:Nicholas Tonti-Filippini 25.4 Dec-14
Transgenderism Tobin,Bernadette A keyissue in the current discussion of?transgenderism? 27.2 Jun-16
Treatingdepression Bieger,Paul Autonomyand Ethical Treatment in Depression 22. 4 Dec-11
TruthDisclosure Bergin,Paddy Adoctor's duty to disclose 5. 2 Jun-94
Virtueethic Tobin,Bernadette Ethicsand health care: a case for the virtues 3. 2 Jun-92

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