Leadership and governance

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Leadership is a team effort

ACU Leadership And Governance

Working alongside our Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Greg Craven, the members of our leadership team are all responsible for a number of portfolios within the university from the four Faculties to Student Administration.

<H3>Our leadership team

Meet the men and women leading ACU into an exciting future. Making up the Senior Executive Group, our leadership team are dedicated to leading by example and living our mission and values everyday. 

Meet our leadership team <Link to 6.3.1 Leadership> 

<H3>Organisational structure

See a visual representation of ACU’s leadership positions and the portfolios they’re responsible for.

See our organisational structure <Link to Organisational structure>


Meet the decision makers

ACU Leadership And Governance

Led by the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor, ACU is governed by a number of decision making bodies, including the Senate and Academic Board.

<H3>Our governance bodies

Read a breakdown of the responsibilities of each of our governance bodies and meet the members that make up each of the groups.

Meet our governance bodies <Link to 6.3.2 Governance>

<H3>Governance structure

Make sense of the various decision making bodies at ACU and understand how they fit into the governance landscape. 

See our governance structure <Link to Governance structure>

Statutes, regulations and policies

Starting with our Constitution, there are a number of statutes, regulations and policies that law the foundations for how the University runs. Explore the documents for a better understanding of ACU’s principles.
ACU Leadership And Governance

Engaging with government

Government plays a big role in legislating regulation for the Tertiary sector. Beyond that, government is also a large-scale employer of university graduates and a source of funding. We actively engage with government to provide the best outcomes for our students and the University.

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