Catholic thinkers throughout history have combined their faith with their desire for a greater understanding of the world around them. We carry on this tradition – and invite you to join us.

Searching for truth

For 2000 years, Catholic scholars have made great contributions to the evolution of how we understand the world and have placed great value in developing institutes of learning to pursue knowledge and ideas.

The search for truth within the Catholic intellectual tradition acknowledges the balance between faith and reason. It gives our staff and students the space to explore and challenge ideas with intellectual rigor, while holding sacred the moral heart of Catholicism that places dignity of the human person and pursuit of the common good at its centre. 

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Working for the common good

The Catholic intellectual tradition informs our curriculum, by bringing ideas such as empathy, ethics and sustainability into the classroom – and ensuring that the entire community stands to benefit. 

Our focus is on the positive social impact you’ll have during your studies, and will go on to make over the course of your career.

Make an impact

You’re more than your degree and, at ACU, we’ll work with you to develop your whole person. All of our students complete the Core Curriculum: three units which will equip you to look at the world with empathy, reject stereotypes and have the courage to make an impact. 

As part of the Core, you’ll learn to apply Catholic social thought principles to day-to-day life, including the pursuit of the common good, stewardship of the earth and the dignity of the human person. You’ll also learn how to apply these principles in the study of your degree, and in your career.

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Commit to a cause

A central tenet of our Core Curriculum is our commitment to community engagement. When you study with us, you’ll be able to contribute to your community in a meaningful way that reflects the degree you are studying.

You’ll work collaboratively with community groups and organisations to develop ethical and sustainable solutions to complex problems, and lend a hand to causes and people in need.

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Find strength in numbers

When you graduate with a degree shaped by Catholic intellectual tradition, you’ll have an edge if you pursue a career with Catholic institutions. 
Across the education and health sectors in particular, our students are able to demonstrate their commitment to the values and moral foundations that underpinned their studies. And they go on to enjoy positive career outcomes as a result.

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Research a better way forward

Engaging in research that creates real change with sustainable outcomes is one way we fulfill our mission at ACU. Our researchers work on solutions to real-world problems that will ultimately benefit the community, from developing new ways of approaching health care and education to exploring ways to apply philosophical enquiry to the everyday.

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Catholic intellectual tradition in the curriculum

From the very beginning of course development, we consider Catholic intellectual tradition principles and ensure they’re incorporated into the curriculum. This informs how each course is delivered in the classroom. 

It also means our curriculum delivery is consistent, comparable and equitable across our campuses, with the aim to foster and advance knowledge across our teaching areas: 

  • business
  • creative arts 
  • education
  • health
  • humanities 
  • law
  • sciences
  • theology and philosophy
  • technology.

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ACU's Professor Hayden Ramsay
“The Catholic intellectual tradition is an attempt by scholars and students, within the architecture of the faith, to work out the basic truths about God, the world, people and morality.” 
Professor Hayden Ramsay 
Pro Vice-Chancellor Assisting the Vice-Chancellor and President

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