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Professor Christine Imms, National Head of School (Allied Health) 

Professor Imms is Professor of Occupational Therapy and Director of the Centre for Disability and Development Research: Diversity across the Lifespan. She holds an Honorary Research Affiliation at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne,  as well as at CanCHILD Centre for Childhood Disability Research in Canada. 

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Associate Professor Rebecca Lane – Lecturer

Dr Belinda Bilney – Senior Lecturer

Shari Maver – Lecturer

Kylie McMahon – Lecturer

Professor Paul Carding – Deputy Head of School, Discipline Lead (Speech pathology)

Dr Michael Steele – Senior Lecturer

Occupational therapy

Dr Laura Miller – Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator

Dr Deirdre Cooke – Lecturer

Julie Hughes – Lecturer

Nicholas Flynn – Lecturer

Dr Rosamund Harrington – Lecturer

Wendy Stevens – Lecturer


Jane Clarke – Senior Lecturer

Dr Maria Constantinou – Senior Lecturer

Jordan Craig – Lecturer

Dr Marcella Danks – Lecturer

Julie Gauchwin – Lecturer

Dr David Good – Senior Lecturer

Kathleen Hall – Senior Lecturer

Dr Judy Hough – Senior Lecturer

Prof Suzanne Kuys – Professor

Mary Lynch – Senior Lecturer

Dr Vaughan Nicholson – Lecturer

Dr Ann Rahmann – Lecturer

Dr Helen Roach – Lecturer

Carolyn Rutter – Lecturer

Christine Sonsearay – Lecturer

Dr Pam Teys – Senior Lecturer

Social work

Dayle Foreman – Lecturer

Helen Redfern – Lecturer

Kate Saxton – Lecturer (Field Education)

Professor Robert Bland – Course Coordinator

Dr Venkat Pulla – Senior Lecturer

Speech pathology

Ann Edwards – Lecturer

Dr Erin Conway – Lecturer

Katherine Cooper – Lecturer

Dr Kieran Flanagan – Lecturer and Acting Course Coordinator

Dr Sharon Crosbie – Senior Lecturer

Administrative staff

Garth Edwards – Administrative Officer

Ruth Farwell – Administrative Officer (Team Leader)

Bronwyn Franco – Administrative Officer

Dr Parveen Kalliath – Deputy Head of School

Social work

Associate Professor Joanna Zubrzycki – Senior Lecturer

Elise Woodman – Lecturer

Michael Adjei – Lecturer (Field Education)

Dr Parveen Kalliath – DHoS

Peter Humphries – Lecturer

Wendy Rollins – National Professional Practice Education Coordinator (Social Work)

Administrative staff

Lindsey Ross – Administrative Officer (Social Work)

Dr Simone Arnott – Deputy Head of School

Occupational therapy

Associate Professor Annette Joosten – Lecturer

Associate Professor Loretta Sheppard – National Professional Practice Education Coordinator (Occupational Therapy)

Alex Logan – Lecturer

Dr Anne Baker – Lecturer

Dr Cheryl Brown – Lecturer

Dr Claire Lynch – Lecturer

Daniel Clohesy – Lecturer

Jennifer O'Brien – Lecturer

Liana Cahill – Lecturer

Mina Lonsdale – Lecturer

Natalie Roche – Lecturer

Dr Susan Darzins – Lecturer

Speech pathology

Associate Professor Diane Jacobs – Senior Lecturer

Danielle Czapnik – Lecturer

Dr Gabriella Sharpe – Lecturer

Dr Kerry Ttofari Eecen – Lecturer

Marie Atherton – Lecturer

Regina Fitzpatrick – Lecturer

Dr Simone Arnott – Deputy Head of Melbourne Campus and National Professional Practice Education Coordinator (SP)

Dr Zaneta Mok – Lecturer

Administrative staff

James Morrison – Team Leader

Associate Professor Elspeth Froude – Deputy Head of School, Discipline Lead (Occupational Therapy)

Occupational Therapy

Belinda Deramore Denver – Lecturer

Catherine Andrew – Lecturer

Dr Elisa Yule – Lecturer

Dr Margaret Wallen – Lecturer

Melissa Aguey–Zinsou – Lecturer

Ruth Swanton – Lecturer

Dr Sarah Wilkes Gillan – Lecturer

Tracey Denton – Lecturer


Associate Professor Jane Butler – Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Megan Dalton – Lecturer

Dr Wendy Annable Sonia Coates – Lecturer

Dr Simone Dorsch – Lecturer

Cathryn Emmerson – Lecturer

Sarah Forsyth – Lecturer

Carolyn Gates – Lecturer

Dr Nia Luxton – Lecturer

Dr Lyndal Maxwell – Senior Lecturer

Shreya McLeod – Lecturer

Frances Moran – Lecturer

Lieszel Plumbe – Lecturer

Dr Sue Reid – Lecturer

Dr Audrey Wang – Lecturer

Dr Alex Wirianski – Lecturer

Speech Pathology

Associate Professor Wendy Pearce – Lecturer

Dr Amanda Miller Amberber – Lecturer

Dr Leigha Dark – Lecturer

Dr Michelle Bennett – Lecturer

Dr Michelle Donaghy – Lecturer

Michelle McInerney – Lecturer

Dr Natalie Berg – Lecturer

Nisrine El Choueifati – Lecturer

Administrative staff

Dominique Grady – Administrative Officer

Associate Professor Gabrielle Drake – Deputy Head of School

Social Work

Deborah Boswell – Lecturer

Dr Jean Burke – Lecturer

Natasha Salimbeni – Lecturer

Sera Harris – Lecturer

Administrative staff

Allison Forrest – Research Project Coordinator

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